About Us - Structure

The Health Innovation Network’s governance model has several tiers, with strong patient and public representation at all levels.

South London Membership Council – run jointly with Health Education South London, the Council allows member organisations to shape the Network’s strategy and operations. Each member organisation can nominate a representative to attend the triannual meetings.

AHSN Board – supported by the Executive Team and Industry Advisory Board, the AHSN Board is responsible for the more detailed oversight of the work programmes and performance. The Board consists of a single representative from each of the major member constituencies, and representatives from the third sector, service users and key partner organisations.

Industry Advisory Board - the Industry Advisory Board's membership is made up of trade association representatives. The Board enables the Network to focus on strategic issues facing comanies doing business with the health service.

Programme Boards – each clinical area and a number of innovation themes will host a regular Programme Board to monitor detailed project work plans. Boards will include appropriate service user and industry representation.