Awards - 2015 South London Innovation and Recognition Awards

Judging has begun in the HIN & HESL 2015 Innovation Grants & Recognition Awards 

The third annual HIN / HESL Innovation Grants and Recognition Awards seek to highlight the very best projects and plans that support the spread and adoption of innovations in health and care to deliver across South London for our communities. 


There are five Innovation Grants – which recognise innovation and educational excellence in South London with sums of up to £50,000 being made available for successful applications. The five categories are - Patient Safety, Proactive Care, Developing the Whole Workforce, Learning from Patient Experience and Involvement and Integrated Care.

The Recognition Awards celebrate success, talent and innovation in teams or individuals who are leading the way in delivering excellence. 


There are seven categories in the Recognition Awards, including Patient Safety Champion of the Year, and Innovation Champion of the Year.

People and teams across our members have great ideas and potential solutions for a number of the challenges we face in health and care and do remarkable work. As we continue to contribute to improving outcomes for patients it is important that these contributions and achievements are supported and recognised.

This year a total 129 entries were submitted to the HIN / HESL Innovation Grants and Recognition Awards, made up of 88 Innovation Grant applications and 41 Recognition Award entries.

The judging process is being managed in two rounds.

Round 1

Programme leads from across HIN and HESL are being asked to review the applications received for both Innovation Grants and Recognition Awards. We are ensuring that every application is reviewed by two programme leads from HIN and two from HESL.

The scoring from this round will be reviewed by a joint executive team from HIN and HESL to create shortlists of finalists for each category.


Round 2

Finalist applications for both Innovation Grants and Recognition Awards will go through to a judging panel for each category that will consist of senior executives from across our membership as well as from HIN and HESL.


Chairman’s Choice

All finalists will automatically be entered into the Chairman’s Choice - Recognition Award. Applications will be considered by the Chairs of HIN and HESL to identify the entry or entries they believe demonstrate the most outstanding value and benefit in the spread and adoption of innovation in health and care in a way that supports the education or development of our workforce across South London.


See below for more detail about each category

2015 Recognition Awards (categories and criteria) 


Innovation of the Year (non-entry category) – The Judge’s Choice

Nominations for this over-arching award will be made by the judging panels for each category and will recognise an outstanding contribution by a person, team or organisation to the system-wide advancement of innovation in either healthcare delivery or education & training.

The winner of this category will be selected from across all categories in the Recognition Awards and will be announced at the Awards presentation.


Inspiring Innovator of the Year  

The Health Innovation Network works across our health and care system in South London as a catalyst and enabler, focused on creating a culture of innovation, system-wide collaboration, improving health and promoting ecomomic growth.  We want to encourage and support individuals who aspire to these aims and this award recognises an individual in South London who has made an exceptional achievement in the implementation of a proven innovation or service improvement in the South London health and care system.  


Inspiring Educator of the Year 

This award recognises those who mentor, supervise or train people “on the job”. Every day inspiring educators help and support the learning of students, trainees, preceptors and colleagues. Inspiring educators not only share best practice and new skills, they are role models for their values and attitudes and use every experience as a learning opportunity. If you are a student, trainee or learner and somebody has really gone the extra mile to support, help and inspire you in your work please nominate them for this award. We are also looking for the courses and education settings that have inspired learners to grow and achieve their potential.

Nominations in this category will be either for an educator who has gone above and beyond to support and inspire OR a programme, course, department or institution that has inspired through creative ways of delivery and teaching. 


Promoting collaboration and inclusion

Collaboration and inclusion is fundamental to the way we need to make improvements across health and care in South London. We are looking for teams or programmes that achieve this through either widening or spreading participation in one of these areas.

Nominations in this category will be either for encouraging band 1-4 staff to increase contribution to improving patient outcomes by celebrating an individual or team that provide, or who are helping to provide, high quality, creative care which enhances the quality of life for the patient OR an individual or team that are helping improve care through the spreading of evidence-based innovations and improvements.


Rising Star award 

This award will recognise someone, in the early part of their career, who has shown a level of initiative, skill and commitment that is truly exceptional. We are looking for someone who stands out from the crowd and consistently meets professional or personal challenges, displaying creativity, intelligence and determination; people who have continued to develop their skills and evidence-based practice and flourished in whatever setting they have found themselves.

Nominations in this category will either be for an individual who has implemented a technology or service improvement to improve quality of care OR someone who has excelled in these areas in the field of training and education.


Patient Safety Champion 

In South London our Patient Safety Collaborative promotes learning, listening and being responsive to the needs and concerns of patients and carers.

This award will recognise an individual or team who has made exceptional progress in implementing an evidenced, innovative patient safety initiative in South London but which has the potential to be rolled out for wider adoption.  


Implementing Improvements

This award will recognise a team or programme who can demonstrate, using clear evidence, the successful implementation of either an innovative training or education programme OR an innovative technology that has the potential to be spread across other sites or settings.



2015 Innovation Grants 


Developing the whole workforce

These grants are focused at initiatives that develop the whole workforce. Entries should include one of the following:

  • Programmes that specifically target the development of the workforce in Agenda for Change bands 1 to 4;
  • Training that supports inter-professional or cross-boundary working, particularly with respect of innovation and improvement
  • Initiatives that demonstrably improve the health and well-being of their staff (we will be looking for initiatives with the potential for rapid scaling up across other organisations).
  • Programmes that support patients and clinicians in the better use of information.


Learning from patient experience and involvement 

These grants will be awarded to programmes that either:

  • Support innovative engagement of patients or public to develop and drive service improvements (must provide evidence of patient or public involvement in identifying the problem and a plan to implement an evidence-based innovative solution).
  • Support the development of robust systems to evaluate and capture usable information around patient experience as part of an improvement programme


Patient safety

In South London, our Patient Safety Collaborative is run by the Health Innovation Network. The Collaborative promotes learning, listening and being responsive to the needs and concerns of patients and carers.


These grants will support projects that are implementing a patient safety initiative in South London through the adoption of an evidence based innovations or education and training initiatives. 


Proactive Care

Proactive care includes activities and interventions that contribute to improving health and wellbeing by increasing self-reliance, capacity and resilience in both patients, the people who support their care and across local community networks as described in Transforming Primary Care in London: A Strategic Commissioning Framework (p. 23 – 26).

These grants will be awarded to  either innovative education and training projects  in this area, or projects that demonstrate implementation of an evidence based innovation in proactive-care that supports new approaches to delivering health improvements.

Applications should focus on one or more of the following areas:

  • wellness and the prevention of deterioration and crisis
  • supporting people to manage their own health and enabling them to live well
  • co-designing approaches that will improve the health and wellbeing of the local population
  • using local community assets and agencies to increase capacity for health and wellbeing within the community.






Integrated care 

These grants will be awarded for teams or organisations to implement proven evidence-based innovations or education/training programmes in at least two organisation or care settings. Proposals need to be supported by robust evidence that the innovation has been already successfully implemented elsewhere.