Blog - What do our stakeholders say?

Written by Tara Donnelly on 22 November, 2016

Health Innovation Network is a true membership organisation, and what we do is defined by our members. We are governed by a Board made up of members and we exist to help with tricky system issues and spread the best in health and care – together with our members.

For those reasons, we listen really carefully when our members speak. We've just had the results in for the national stakeholder survey, a study of the views of members across all AHSNs. 

So what did you say? 

The national results have improved, which is really important as it means more people out there are clearer about what AHSNs are there for, and consider that we are collectively doing a good job. It is a real vote of confidence in the concept.

Our results were strong in 2015; this year’s results are outstanding.

Four out of five stakeholders (81%) felt that the HIN helped them achieve their objectives over the previous year. This was considerably higher than in 2015 (66%).

Here are the highlights of the survey:

  • 86% of participants would recommend working with the Health Innovation Network.
  • 86% agree that our staff are knowledgeable, and 86% said that staff are helpful.
  • 84% think the Health Innovation Network’s work has been valuable in terms of ‘facilitating collaboration’ over the past 12 months. Furthermore, 74% have found value in its ‘quality improvement’ work and 77% in the ‘identification, adoption and spread of innovation’.
  • Over three quarters of people (78%) agreed that the Health Innovation Network’s priorities are aligned to local priorities. This is another improvement compared to 2015 (61%) and is higher than the level across all AHSNs (63%).
  • 78% now feel that the AHSN has clear and visible leadership, compared to 61% in 2015. This figure is higher than the average across all AHSNs (68%).
  • 79% agreed he HIN has been effective on ‘focusing on the needs of patients and local populations’, compared to 69% in 2015, and likewise 77% on ‘speeding up the adoption of innovation into practice’ compared to 63% last year.
  • 83% of participants rated the HIN as very good or quite good for accessibility, responsiveness, and quality of advice.

Here are a few of the things that participants said about us:

“The staff are of a very high standard. They deliver projects in amazingly short timescales to very high standards, but at the same time listening to other people and particularly the patients they are trying to help.”

“The HIN is well led and the people that I have interacted with have been not only personable, but knowledgeable and helpful.”

There are a few areas which we want to improve further, and they are those where we are scoring about average compared to the AHSN mean: 

  • 67% of stakeholders (66% in 2015) and a 61% national average believed "the role of the AHSN has become clearer in the last year". While it is good to see a second year of increasing clarity, we seek to further improve and are working nationally and regionally to strengthen the way we articulate our role.
  • While over half of all respondents (58%) think their working relationship with us "has improved", a further 38% say their relationship has stayed "about the same" and we are continuously looking to see how and where we can improve our local relationships.
  • The percentage of stakeholders who think that that the AHSN has provided valuable support around commercial development (excluding those who felt this answer wasn’t applicable to them) has dramatically improved from 36% in 2015 to a very strong 76% this year (against a national average of 77%), and you will know from our current focus we are seeking to continue this upward trend in adding value around commercial development.

We also want to sustain these results. We know that this means continuing to regularly visit members, understanding their needs, communicating strongly and running an irresistible events programme, while tackling issues that make a real difference to members in our patch. 

We are delighted that the hard work of our staff means we are recognised in this way. The team is energised by these results to do even more – taking bold ideas, achieving dramatic results and creating lasting change for south Londoners.

The full results are here and published on our website.