Developing health information exchanges: 'interoperability' comes in from the cold...

10 September, 2015

On the rare occasion that I find myself at a dinner party these days, when someone asks me what I do for a living – and assuming, first of all, I’ve managed to explain successfully what an AHSN is (something of a challenge in itself) – the revelation that I’m currently working in the area of “interoperability,” is often met with raised eyebrows. “That sounds technical,” they say. “That’s pretty specialist, pretty niche?”

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Walking your way to happiness

2 September, 2015

News that the Commercial Bank of Dubai bank is allowing customers to earn higher interest rates on their savings, based on the number of steps they take each day, takes the incentivisation of wearable activity trackers in a fascinating direction.

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'Elizabeth is Missing' - Insights on dementia

1 September, 2015

A summer holiday read this year was 'Elizabeth is missing' which is brilliantly told through Maud who has advanced dementia. Her world - frustrating, confusing, distressing, but with moments of rapture - is an incredible insight into how it might be to live there.

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Improving Catheter Care: My Catheter Passport

12 August, 2015

Dr Adrian Hoppper, Consultant Geriatrician, Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust on improving catheter care.

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Being a Darzi Fellow by Julia Knight

29 July, 2015

As a Darzi Fellow for the Health Innovation Network (Alcohol theme) I have had the unique opportunity to work across organisational boundaries, to help improve and innovate practice at scale.

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Commissioning for Technology blog

24 July, 2015

Alison White, Senior Project Manager (Diabetes) blogs about the Commissioning for Technology enabled care event.

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The importance of digital tech to the NHS

12 June, 2015

Few people in 2015 can question the increasing importance of digital technology to the NHS. Our Wealth Creator Project Manager, Matt Rigby on our recent NHS Hackday...

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Health Innovation Network working with Magneto Films to create some powerful tools for people with dementia

31 March, 2015

When we began researching our Peer Support Resource Pack for people with dementia, we found the power of film had a real impact in helping people with dementia and their carers to see the value of meeting others in a similar situation.

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Pulse Live MSK blog

27 March, 2015

I was honoured to be invited as a speaker at the Pulse Live GP conference held last month (17 March).

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Alcohol-Related Frequent Attenders

24 March, 2015

It was fantastic to be part of the first event of its kind at the Wolfson Lecture Theatre at Kings College London this week (March 23)...

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