On the frontline with our teams and partners

19 March, 2015

At the Health Innovation Network, we pride ourselves on our high degree of connectivity across the health and social care system in South London and further afield...

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Oval Cricket Ground Staff Health and Wellbeing Conference: 10 February 2015

18 February, 2015

IT’S not every day you get 200 healthcare professionals under one roof introducing themselves to other delegates with their best Santa ‘ho ho ho’ belly laugh…

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Driving Systems Change in Health: South London Fellows Network

27 November, 2014

The launch of the South London Fellows network took place last month at the Royal Society of Medicine's Chandos House. Chaired by Fiona Ross, Education lead for the Health Innovation Network (HIN), the aim of the event was to celebrate the appointment of eight Darzi and Innovation fellows in the HIN and the Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC).

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Alcohol - Identification and Brief Advice

20 November, 2014

The Health Innovation Network is working closely with healthcare professionals across South London to ensure the effective delivery of alcohol Identification and Brief Advice. Their work to date is collated in a report aimed at commissioners and providers of alcohol IBA with recommendations on commissioning, delivery and monitoring.

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A legacy for diabetes care

14 November, 2014

The Diabetes Modernisation Initiative (DMI) was born out of a need to improve outcomes for people with diabetes and ran from November 2010 to June 2014. The initiative was recently awarded two Quality in Care awards highlighting a fantastic collaborative approach to diabetes care. Their legacy remains in the form of the resources and learnings they created that are currently being used to optimise the delivery of diabetes care across South London.

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Dementia team in the Dragon’s Den for My Brain Book

11 November, 2014

During August and September we asked 38 people with dementia and their carers to test the My Brain Book prototype. We were overwhelmed by the positive response we received, with everyone saying they would want to use My Brain Book again.

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Patient Opinion Workshop in South London

11 November, 2014

Last week members of the HIN Dementia team attended a workshop held by Patient Opinion* at the Coin Street Conference Centre. The workshop was a great success, with inspirational talks from guest speakers, and challenging questions from the audience. Guest speakers included our very own Chris Streather, Managing Director at the Health Innovation Network, Kelvin, who cares for his mother with dementia, and Amanda Mayo, head of nursing at Bromley Healthcare, amongst others.

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Care and Nursing Homes Network: Nutrition- Policy and Practice in Care Home

1 October, 2014

In our second Care and Nursing Homes Network meeting the Health Innovation Network hosted a workshop Nutrition – Policy and Practice in Care Homes in which our members were invited to discuss and share best practice in light of Nutrition policy.
The subject of the event was chosen by our steering group; a panel of Care Home managers who inspired the topic and helped align the agenda to the needs of our members.
Staff from Care and Nursing Homes across South London attended and took part in our afternoon of knowledge exchange on nutrition and hydration in the care of elderly patients in a residential setting.

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Testing My Brain Book

6 August, 2014

It is vital that the needs and preferences of people with dementia are up-to-date, live and easily accessible in a crisis. To do this we have created My Brain Book – a (computer based) tool owned by people with dementia - which can be shared with anyone of their choosing to coordinate their care and stay in touch with friends and family.

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What have Aussies learnt from the NHS?

23 May, 2014

Earlier this month a group of health professionals from Eastern Health in Victoria, Australia spent a week in the NHS visiting sites and meeting people who work in and use the health system. The Health Innovation Network hosted their visit to London, along with the Point of Care Foundation and provided a range of site visits culminating in a workshop to explore learning.

Here we share three of their daily blogs from their visit - sharing their observations and their Top 5 takeaways.

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