News - HIN out and about in London

Find out what our HIN team has been up to recently, and some events we’ve taken part in or led.

Patient Safety

The team are holding a pan-London networking event for healthcare professionals with an interest in tackling the Deteriorating Patient agenda. The event is afternoon-tea inspired, with the aim creating a local network to share best practice, disseminate of new policy drivers and to produce an environment to support initiatives across the sector. Find out more and sign up here.

Stroke Prevention

We’ve been collating the data from the Heart Rhythm week pulse awareness events. Preliminary results show that over 1500 pulse checks were conducted across London. As well as the hard outcome data, we are drawing out some very valuable learning about the processes used at different sites for teaching the public about Atrial fibrillation (AF) & real world large scale use of Alive Cor and onward referral routes for any pulse check findings which require further investigation.

Musculoskeletal (MSK)

Andrew Walker, Darzi fellow for the MSK team has been in Toronto presenting at the Global Implementation Conference 2017 (20 - 21 June), showcasing his PhD research on the scale and spread of ESCAPE.

Healthy Ageing

Caroline Chill, Clinical Director for the Healthy Ageing theme and Rebecca Jarvis, Programme Director met with dieticians at Guy’s and St Thomas’ to discuss about how we can support them to share the learning from their successful work in Lambeth to improve care and treatment of people with malnutrition

23 June, 2017