News - Duty of Candour: Speed Date Your Best Practice Practice

On Thursday 15 June, the Duty of Candour Community of Practice hosted ‘Speed Date Your Best Practice’ at the General Medical Council building in Euston Road. Masterminded by co-covenors of the community, Yvonne Connolly and Kim Tolley (General Medical Council), the event was a fun and refreshing take on networking and sharing.

The speed dating sessions consisted of three minute ‘rounds’, where each person had to introduce themselves and communicate their message using SBARR – a tool for communicating information succinctly, effectively and briefly.  The short rounds kept people moving fast, with lots of sharing of challenges and best practice taking place.  It was a vibrant afternoon, with guest speakers representing the Health Innovation Network (HIN), the General Medical Council (GMC), Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, NHS England and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.


The Duty of Candour Community of Practice first met at the end of 2015. They have been successful in their aims to bring clinicians, managers, and patient safety specialists together to discuss the challenges and best practice around duty of candour. They have also provided a handful of training events, together creating resources and materials so that Community of Practice members and attendees of the training can cascade their learning.


A Community of Practice is a group of people who share a common passion for something. Everyone is welcome – individuals from different organisations, professions and levels of seniority participate as equals.  Together, the communities identify issues (such as the struggle of having duty of candour conversations) faced within their field/interest area, and work together to design and implement solutions.  Ultimately, they are opportunities to learn, share, and take that precious time needed to reflect.  The Health Innovation Network (HIN) currently support 16 communities of practice, ranging from clinical topics/issues (such as Sepsis or Catheter Care) to pharmaceutical topics (such as Medicines Optimisation). For more information on HIN’s Communities of Practice, visit the dedicated webpage.


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22 June, 2017